At a crossroads.

It has been forever since I have blogged. I can't really give any excuse other than a combination of crippling anxiety/depression followed by bouts of exhausted and lazy recovery days. My house has suffered dearly with all of this and is just now getting back into shape. At least the main areas are clean now.... Continue Reading →


For your information:

People never expect me to listen to the kind of music that I do. I don't really know what they expect, but metal isn't it. It's always such a shock when they hear me rocking out to Bring Me the Horizon, Bad Omens, Gojira, Falling in Reverse, etc. I'd much rather listen to heavy rifts,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Evie-isms

"I couldn't clean my room. Daddy put me down for a nap." "What the hell!!" (While getting ready for bed) "Look at the cutie pie!" "I can't wipe my butt!" "Evie, you have two hands just like me." "They work for food, not for wiping butts." "I'm so full of toots...." "Man, I need a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Evie-isms

So, I have decided, being the parent of a toddler and all, that each Sunday I will post a round up of all the funny things Evie has said over the course of the week. You never know what a tot has to say. Especially when they're a Vance. "Mommy, I need some... sunscream! AHHHHH!"... Continue Reading →


There are a few things that I just can't seem to figure out. How to make my child pick up after herself without throwing a screaming fit EVERY SINGLE TIME. How to motivate myself to cook when the idea of doing the dishes looms over my head. How to get off my ass and exercise... Continue Reading →

This is difficult.

Blogging is hard work. Especially for those of us who lead relatively boring lives. I am an Administrator for a restaurant and I pick up the occasional serving shift when we need some extra cash. I love my job, but it's not one that I can blog about. I don't travel for work; I do... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day.

Disclaimer: This post will contain triggers for anyone who has had any kind of battle with mental illness/manic depression/suicide. I would not recommend reading this post to anyone who is not in a stable state of mind. This post WILL be graphic.  Father's Day is right around the corner. That's crazy to me because it means... Continue Reading →


I can't tell you how many times I have started this blog and deleted it because I wasn't sure how to get this started. I haven't had any real idea of what I want to do with this let alone how to begin a first post. It's kind of a terrifying thing. The first post sets... Continue Reading →

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