I can’t tell you how many times I have started this blog and deleted it because I wasn’t sure how to get this started. I haven’t had any real idea of what I want to do with this let alone how to begin a first post. It’s kind of a terrifying thing. The first post sets the tone for the rest of your blog and, while you can delete a post, you can’t ever really replace it. People are going to read it and remember it as either a post that hooked them or repelled them. That being said, I am going to start out with a bit of an introduction, just like every other person in the world!

My name is Gwen. You can see a picture of my smiling face right there next to this post. I have a daughter, a husband, and a fur baby. They are my everything.

The Munchkin and The Hubs.
The Fur Demon Baby, Jack







I go to music festivals, spend hours upon hours reading, despise laundry, and love naps even more the older I get. I am a work-in-progress in almost every aspect of my life from my health to my self-esteem.

I have depression and an anxiety disorder that causes me to despise phone calls and social experiences in small groups while also making me look like a crazy person when I start crying because I have my hair laying around my neck or can’t find my TV remote. I’m not ashamed by this in the least because they make me who I am. I’m eccentric and cuss way too much. I also have a very dark and dry sense of humor which my husband only sometimes finds amusing.

I’m a Kentuckian, but I didn’t marry my cousin nor am I a republican (but, I do sound a little backwoods when I talk). I can’t sing on key, but I never forget a lyric once I learn it.

When I’m reading, you could find me with my nose shoved in a smutty romance or something about astrophysics by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Hell, at least once a day you’re going to find me curled up in a rocking chair reading something by Dr. Seuss or about princesses to my child.

I have run out of things to say about myself and, honestly, I’m thankful. Talking about myself like I am trying to explain my personality is exhausting and stressful.

So, without further ado… Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I apologize for any nonsense that follows.



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