Can spontaneous combustion occur from excitement?

Things have been so… relaxed lately.

It’s so weird to say that.

Normally, life in the Vance house is anything but relaxed.

This week has consisted of working and a few hours of visiting with a friend and a BBQ with my momma. Other than that, it’s been staying at home and watching lots of Rick and Morty and toddler cartoons. I have absolutely loved it. I have been so exhausted lately that I needed a reprieve.

My only complaint about this week has been the fact that I thought it would be smart to stop doing the Keto Diet after one week. Yeah, no. Not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.

So, Sunday, I made cauliflower crust pizza. I don’t recommend it.

After waiting for-freaking-ever for it to cook, it came up tasting fine, but the texture was awful. So, being the hangry momma with a three year old saying “I”M SO HUNGRY, MOMMY!!” I broke down and ordered pizza. Pizza Hut pizza. Definitely not on my diet.

Ever since, I’ve had the mind set of “I can get the same results by just exercising and eating what I want!”


Let me just say, after one week of the Keto diet, I had lost ~10 pounds. I realize this also includes water weight, but DAMN. I didn’t count calories. I ate whatever the hell I wanted as long as I didn’t go about 30-ish grams of carbs a day. It was glorious.

I started the diet back today after realizing I have already put two pounds back on. It felt too good to loose that weight to give it up because I wanted a croissant with my salad.

I’ve made the meal plan for us for the rest of this week and next week, so I’m excited.

Other than that, we just plan on spending the WHOLE WEEKEND at home. I don’t think you all realize that it has been since before CHRISTMAS that we have gotten to do that. I’m so thrilled with the idea of spending the weekend doing nothing except playing outside with Evie and reading as much as I can on the patio before Sunday is over. (Does anyone have any recommendations for a family movie night? We plan on having one Saturday night, but if I let Munchkin pick, I’m sure we are going to be watching LaLaLoopsy again and I don’t know if I can handle that.)

On a side note, I am waiting (impatiently) for my new coloring book to come in. The anticipation for You Are Here by Jenny Lawson has all twitterpated, like this owl from Bambi.

When I saw I could order it at Target it was even better (hooray for free shipping and 5% off!). Now, I just have to wait it to arrive and hope I don’t implode before then. I also have new glasses and more books coming in this weekend. I think imploding might be inevitable.

To distract myself from all this excitement, I’m going to go clean my kitchen. Is there much more of a downer than hand washing dishes because your dishwasher is broken? Especially when the idea of dirtying the dishes up again when you cook dinner is looming over your head. That is the endless circle of adulthood.



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