This is difficult.

Blogging is hard work. Especially for those of us who lead relatively boring lives. I am an Administrator for a restaurant and I pick up the occasional serving shift when we need some extra cash. I love my job, but it’s not one that I can blog about. I don’t travel for work; I do payroll and, sometimes, I bring people sodas and cups of ranch. I have a daughter who is amazing and lovely and the light of my world, but I kind of loathe the idea of becoming another mommy blog. I don’t believe in God, so I can’t write an inspired “This is how God helps me” blog. I am just a mid-twenties woman who is married to a wonderful man, has a great daughter, a fur baby, and lives in a two bedroom apartment. We are trying to live the whole Keto life style to be healthier, but, again, while I love food and being healthy (or at least attempting it), at this point in my life it isn’t something I would want to blog about.

What I do know is that I love to write. I just have no idea what kind of content I want to generate. Any suggestions?


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  1. So far, I’m convinced I’ve found my internet twin and I love this. The whole Kentuckian thing, despising using the phone, having a relatively boring job life, so I’m already hooked, haha. But sometimes (on my older blog) I write about interesting matters I find while on the web, or maybe hilarious things my husband does or places we go. If you read a lot maybe you’ll find something in a book that’ll be a topic of interest.

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    1. I love that I have found another Kentuckian so easily! Someone who understands the complications of living on the edge of southern society (as in, we’re just southern enough to be lumped in with the Blue Fugates, but not so southern that we can’t drive a few hours and and get “Aw, I love your accent” remarks). I get to check off a blog goal now. 😀
      On the topic of posting though, I always have a mild panic attack when posting about the asinine subjects that I find noteworthy. Oh, the woes of anxiety disorders and self-doubt. I guess I’m just going to have to get over it and pull on some big girl pants unless I want this blog to die off like all my other attempts, haha.


      1. 😂😂 I was in Louisville so I can only hope that my accent was minimal, but then again I’m in Texas now so maybe they can’t tell a difference, haha. But yeah, I totally understand the anxiety of posting noteworthy blogs. Probably why I started my new one, semi-abandoned my other, and deleted another. But I’m sticking this one out! Or so I’m telling myself, lol! Write what intrigues your mind! The like-minded people will find you and enjoy!


  2. If you love to write, just start out by doing that. I think it is perfectly ok to be a little random sometimes. You never know when that randomness could turn into better, more organized content! I am interesting in following your blog to see what you write! I am a stay at home mom and can relate to the “relatively boring life”!


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