There are a few things that I just can’t seem to figure out.

How to make my child pick up after herself without throwing a screaming fit EVERY SINGLE TIME.

How to motivate myself to cook when the idea of doing the dishes looms over my head.

How to get off my ass and exercise instead of stuffing my face with Oreos.

The list goes on and on.

Being an adult is hard work, especially when your metabolism and drive go down the drain, too.

But, this morning, my daughter kind of gave me a swift kick in the ass.

We were watching one of her TV shows on Netflix as we ate breakfast and one of the characters had a brand new baby sister. Now, just so everyone knows, all Brent and I have heard for about six months is how she wants a baby sister, but it just hasn’t seemed like the right time yet. So, here we are, eating eggs and bacon and Evie looks at me with big crocodile tears in her eyes saying how cute the baby was and then, completely shattering my heart, she asked “Can I ask Santa for a baby sister?”

So, I guess we’re going to start planning for baby #2 in the Vance family.

That means I need to kick it into gear and loose some weight so Santa can tell her she will have a new baby sister next year. Good by Oreos and bread. You will be sorely missed and replaced with high fat, low carb substitutes.

I hope Evie realizes it’s all her fault Mommy won’t be buying any more mac and cheese. If I have to eat healthy, then the whole family will be eating healthy.


On the other hand, tequila isn’t a carb, is it?



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