Weekly Evie-isms

So, I have decided, being the parent of a toddler and all, that each Sunday I will post a round up of all the funny things Evie has said over the course of the week. You never know what a tot has to say. Especially when they’re a Vance.

  1. “Mommy, I need some… sunscream! AHHHHH!” (She is totally my child.)
  2. “My super power is… being an ARM!” (Yeah, there’s no doubt she is mine.)
  3. “Wow, Mommy, your boobies are long…” (Yes darlin’. That’s what breastfeeding does.)
  4. Conversation between Evie and her Daddy.
    E – “Daddy, I’m finished eating.
    D – “But, baby, you haven’t even touched your chicken nuggets.”
    E – *pokes nugget* “There. I touched it.”
  5. Evie has had an affinity for pretending she is a character named Serena from the show Pokemon: XY lately. This is the kinds of convos we have had lately dealing with this.
    E – “I have to poop.”
    D – “OK, then go poop.”
    E – “Daddy, say ‘Serena, do you need to poop?'”
    D – “Serena, do you need to poop?”
    E – “No.”
  6. And of course, the one I have already posted about, but think needs an honorable mention.
    “I’m going to ask Santa for a baby sister.”
  7. And the resulting conversation stemming from that.
    M – “What if it’s a baby brother?”
    E – “Daddy can take him. I want a sister.”

I hope you all had as many laughs as we did this week at our darling daughter!



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