Weekly Evie-isms

“I couldn’t clean my room. Daddy put me down for a nap.”

“What the hell!!”

(While getting ready for bed) “Look at the cutie pie!”

“I can’t wipe my butt!”
“Evie, you have two hands just like me.”
“They work for food, not for wiping butts.”

“I’m so full of toots….”

“Man, I need a nap.”
(Five minutes later) “But, I’m not tired!!”

“Mommy, if girls have vaginas, what do boys have?”
“They have a penis.”
“Pens? Do they write with them?”
“Only in the snow, baby.”

Also, she can’t decide if she is Evie, Serena, Chloe, Ash, Glitter Sunny, or Kinsley this week… Lord help us…


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