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People never expect me to listen to the kind of music that I do. I don’t really know what they expect, but metal isn’t it. It’s always such a shock when they hear me rocking out to Bring Me the Horizon, Bad Omens, Gojira, Falling in Reverse, etc. I’d much rather listen to heavy rifts, soul-filled screams, and lyrics dosed in reality rather than songs about shaking your ass on a dance floor.

I love the metal culture. People are put of us because they can only focus on the external. We’re associated with piercings, tattoos and all black garb. For some of us, that’s true. Some of us look just like the receptionist at your doctor’s office or the person who comes to fix your cable when it goes out. Some of us are your lawyers and psychiatrists. Some of us are interested in politics or astrophysics. We are no more stereotypical than any other group of people. But, let me be the first to tell you, when we start a most pit, if someone falls down, we all stop to pick you up. What other group of people willingly carries someone from the back of a crowd of thousands of people to front and center of the stage above our own heads? I would much rather take my daughter to go see Avatar than to a Justin Bieber concert. The people in the crowd at any metal concert will generally see your child and push you to the front. They will protect that child as if they are their own.

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Metal culture is understanding that everyone is different but has their own place in the world. We understand that it is okay to be an angsty bastard sometimes. We will love you anyway. Metal culture is getting covered in a stranger’s sweat and breaking your neck to your favorite song. It’s a way of life and I don’t think I would be happier any other way.

In the metal community you will find people from all walks of life. You will find Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, and just about any other religious affinity. People of every gender, race and sexual orientation will be around you. And, yes, we do have the assholes that think in the stereotypical fashion, but I don’t think you can name any subculture that doesn’t. If you go to a festival or concert, you are going to see all kinds of people coexisting for the sake of the music.

So, before you judge us, meet us. Shake our hands and ask what we stand for. I can guarantee that we are just trying to live our lives to the fullest, just like you.


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